What a treat to step out of a nice hot shower to find a freshly baked batch of scones, vanilla-scented whipped cream, and strawberry jam waiting for me. Deeelish!


This is actually from last week but it made me smile today when I remembered it, so I’m using poetic license.

I was walking through the city during its ‘manic early morning’ stage when I saw a lady – in proper office attire, heading to work with a bunch of colourful helium balloons.

The juxtaposition was fantastic! A little community of colour floating through the grey.

I think if we carried balloons to work every day, our days would always start with a smile. You can’t look at a balloon and be sad. Even the word is awesome! Balloon, balloon, buffoon, baboon. Giggle.

Who knew bits of latex filled with air could bring such joy?

I hummed a lot today. I don’t know why, but I do know it put me in the best mood, instantly.

I was so hummy I even hummed along to people’s generic mobile ringtones.

Humming is tops.

My goodness it’s been a while! Apologies. I think I was worried about recycling old material. As it’s been so long I will probably inadvertently do that anyway…

I’ll try and get into the habit again, starting with this fine Tuesday for a #10Tuesday session.

  1. Had an awesome sleep last night! Almost ten hours of blissful slumber. It was almost painfully required.
  2. There was a hint of coolness in the air on my walk to work today. The gradual change of seasons always excites me.
  3. I left work on time, even though my day was super busy. Very satisfying.
  4. Water – I drank a lot of it today. I don’t thank water enough.
  5. Sudoku – I think I’ve played five games today. If I’ve had a hard day, focusing my brain on a sudoku or two seems to reset it, strangely enough.
  6. It was nice to come home to a relatively clean house. I’m a bit of a slob but I’ve been training myself to tidy up more. Amazing how calming a clean space is.
  7. A birdie made me smile today.
  8. Friends also made me smile today with their funny words.
  9. I’m full of liquid drum and bass right now – awesome vibration.
  10. My pillow, which I’m about to go and hug right now. Early night win!



Beautiful, fresh, crisp, crunchy, colourful salad.

There are a lot of reasons I love summer and one is definitely salad for dinner. I’m yet to tire of it.

Right now I’m chomping my way through a bowl of salad almost as big as my head. It’s awesome! There are even little mung bean and lentil shoots in it for added crunch.

There’s definitely something energising about fresh raw food.

I may have mentioned this before, but it honestly brings me a lot of happiness to have so many talented, gifted people as my friends.

To see awesome photos conjured from their eyes and minds, to watch their amazing video creations, to be tickled by their blogs and vlogs, to hear them create beautiful music, to be astounded by their visual art – it always makes me smile.

Creativity is contagious. It’s like being in a bouncy castle and feeling everyone’s kinetic energy move me. I can’t get enough of it. I want to bounce around forever.

So to all of my very clever, very talented friends, I thank you.

I’ve had a wonderful evening tonight watching Breakfast at Tiffanys under the stars with good friends and picnic nibbles.

It was nice to swim through the glamour of yesteryear, when men were gentlemen and women woke up with perfect make-up and hair.

Times may change but the story of love remains the same.

Sorry for the hiatus! Just needed some down-time but it’s time to pick up the slack again.

I’ve had the week off to indulge in silence and happiness and friends and sleeping. It’s been great.

To stop and put everything to one side – even for just a moment, takes such a load off.

It’s a good feeling to put all your responsibilities in one room for a while and go play in the lego room instead.

Today was very bad, but here is not the place to tell you about it.

Tonight I put on my favourite pair of pants and took myself to my favourite noodle house to cheer myself up after a hard day.

Now I’m happily ensconced on the couch in my comfy dusty sage linen pants, enjoying a brilliant meal of tofu satay noodles.

I feel a lot more human now.

In 5 minutes I’ll be laying back rubbing my round little puppy belly with delight.

In 10 I’ll probably be tucked up in bed thanking the angels that the day is over.

Just a quick one tonight:

Don’t forget to love your bad days too, because without them you’d have nothing to gauge how totally and utterly awesome your good days really are.